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16 Jun

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Bruxelles: Ulrich M. Kipper, CEO of it-werke group presents VINGADO® to members of the European payment industry.

Being a leader amongst European payment processors, EQUENS SA was pleased to invite clients and partners to Bruxelles to a joint meeting. The participants learned about new products, strategic developments and successful extension into other countries. Reviewing the last period, EQUENS was proud to further augment turnover, to boost technical performance and continue a very successful business development.

During the 2 day event Ulrich M. Kipper, CEO of it-werke, market leader in the field of biometric convenience systems, acquainted high ranking members of the European payment industry with biometric payment and the successful introduction of VINGADO® the payment with a human touch system.
The subject „payment by fingerprint“ caught the audience’ attention, particularly the new opportunities resulting from replacement of cash payment by cost efficient biometric transactions. The listeners following the presentation were unanimous that finger payment might not entirely replace cash but might gain a significant share of the market.

VINGADO® was seen as an option to add security and convenience to the payment process. In a situation where card transactions extend only on a modest pace, biometrics open a way to increase the number of electronic transactions and additional turnover to the actors involved. Thus VINGADO® creates a WIN – WIN – Situation and is a success model for consumers, retail, and the banking sector.

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